Bath Remodel


What on the surface looked like a cosmetic fixture upgrade, quickly became a more involved project. Water from showering in the tub had penetrated the wall surface from the base of the window sill tiles. The resulting water damage caused the deterioration of the wall studs as well as attracted termites.


Before we began replacing external fixtures, we repaired the substructure behind the walls and floor. Since water damage, mold, rot and infestation are so common in older home remodels, we readily anticipate the possible need to look beyond what is visible on the surface. We completed the project by replacing the bathroom fixtures.

The phases of the construction are listed below. Click on each phase to view the construction progress.

Remove old tiles, sheet rock tile backer and worn out shower fixture.
Remove pink tub and update to new acrylic tub and toilet. New wall studs, plumbing, tile backer board, tiles and fixtures.
Replace shower fixture, proper wall substrate and cultured tub shower surround. New underlayment and vinyl flooring. Painted existing cabinet and added new trim. Good for fifty more years.

To view photos of this project, please click here.