Deck Replacement



We were approached by a client in Bellevue who noticed water stains on the walls and ceiling of his daylight basement. Upon our initial inspection we noticed several potential problems originating from his second story exterior deck. These concerns included a lack of proper flashing between the deck and the exterior siding, an improperly fastened ledger board as well as rotting support beams. Due to the improper flashing and sealing, water on the deck had penetrated under the deck ledger board and has seeped into the house causing the daylight basement damage.


Even though the deck surface appeared OK, the owner was tired of annually cleaning and sealing the wooden deck boards. We suggested rebuilding the deck with composite materials and repairing the rotten support beams of the existing deck. We started by removing the siding and sheathing down to the studs and replacing with new materials. The house was then temporarily supported by jacks so that we could replace the rotten beams. The house was then sealed properly and flashing was added to the ledger board to prevent water damage. The deck was then rebuilt using composite materials.

The phases of the construction are listed below. Click on each phase to view the construction progress.

Demolition of old deck, railings and ledger boards.
Examine house structure for water damage and infestation. Remove all damaged sheathing, siding and beams.
Replace insulation, sheathing, house wrap and siding. Remove and replace rotten beams and joist. Add new ledger board with flashing and seal.
New construction of the deck, railings, steps and concrete pad.

To view photos of this project, please click here.