Fire Damage



A shoreline client came to us after sustaining a house fire. Extensive smoke and water damage necessitated a complete rebuild of the existing structure. The client’s insurance company was involved from the start and wanted to settle the claim fairly. The client was anxious over the process involved, which at that point had stretched over several months.


We had an initial meeting with the client and his family to assure them that we could handle the job. The project was started by helping to redesign the house to fit their current needs. We met with the insurance representative to make sure that the insurance settlement will cover the costs of the rebuild. Worked with our designer/architect to get the process initiated. Then we met with the Shoreline Building Department to get the necessary building permits and code requirements. Demolition of the fire damage began as well as asbestos removal. Then the rebuilding process began as outlined in the phases below.

The phases of the construction are listed below. Click on each phase to view the construction progress.

Fire damage insurance settlement and permits. Redesign of old floor plan and old style structure. Contract signatures.
Remove dumpster loads of burned, smoked and water damaged household and personal contents of family. Remove layers of ceiling acoustical tiles and plaster wallboard. Removal of parkay floor down to subfloor. Remove carpet and hardwood down to sub-flooring. Remove all plumbing and wiring. Remove all burned and damaged structure including roofing, sheathing, rafters, insulation, joists, plates, studs, windows, siding, porch, soffit, doors and trim.
Change interior walls to conform with new floor plan. Add new studs and headers over door and window openings to conform to code to support new roof trusses. Rebuild stairs to attics space to conform to code. Replace windows, house wrap and siding. Rebuild exterior stairs and porch to front door. Insulate, sheetrock, trim and interior. Install flooring, carpets, cabinets, plumbing fixtures, lighting, doors, trim and appliances.
Transfer home to owners. Sign certificate of completion and settle with insurance company. Turn over keys to homeowners.

To view photos of this project, please click here.