Window Replacement


A previous Mercer Island client came to us with another project. He was interested in having his inefficient stopped-in-wood single pane windows replaced with new energy efficient double pane windows. A big part of this window replacement project was to replace a wall of windows in the living room which provided a panoramic view of Lake Washington.


We removed the old glass panes and wood window stops. We then measured and ordered new custom fit wood clad windows for each of the many various sized windows. Since the new window frames were much thicker than the existing ones, we had to custom modify each opening to accommodate the new windows. The individual windows were then cased in wood to enclose the openings. The exposed beams surrounding the windows were also covered with new casing boards to match the new windows. The bottom row of windows were removed completely and the openings were insulated and panels were built to close the openings.

The phases of the construction are listed below. Click on each phase to view the construction progress.

Measure and order new high efficiency wood clad windows to replace original aluminum frame and stopped-in-wood windows.
Erect scaffolding to remove old glass, wood stops and aluminum framed single pane windows.
Install new windows in the modified existing framework. Install pre-finished wood casing interior boards and exterior trim boards. Install insulation, sheetrock and base trim followed by painting.
Removal of scaffolding and construction equipment. Clean-up and removal of all debris. Have customer inspect and approve completed project.

To view photos of this project, please click here.